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Marco Verdin, a confidente in regards to fashion, recently opened his own store in downtown Oakland in an effort to bring more fashion language to the Bay Area. 

Currently poised as a vintage and secondhand store for en vogue clothing, the store plans to grow by stocking Japanese designers to bring more of their influence to the Bay Area, and expose more people to Marco's nuanced fashion tastes/knowledge.

Below I have thumbnails, my own photos of the store, and the final logo I designed.

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Dry Clean Final Logo 1.png
Acronym x Katamari (For Fun)


Acronym, a design agency and fashion brand based out of Berlin has been shaping the way we view fashion and function in the same sentence since 2002.

Katamari Damacy, a Playstation 2 game that came out in 2002, is the definition of absurdism and satisfying game mechanics. The game's stylings could be associated with many games that are very popular on a multitude of app stores.

In a burst of nostalgia and current interest, I conjoined two loves into a fun art style, having my image of a Katamari character, wearing Acronym! More art follows:

KEEOB (Keeping an Eye On Our Bay)

KEOOB (Keeping an Eye On Our Bay)

Keeping an Eye On Our Bay  was a part of a multistaged project that I completed
throughout my final semester at
San Jose State.

The premise of the project was to create a fully fleshed out visual identity for a hypothetical exposition that would take place at one of a few different museums we could choose from.

I've revisited the project in the last couple of weeks tightening the screws on things I think needed improvement, and making the project more cohesive as a whole.

Above I have an animation.

Below I have art assets.

Forest and Friends


FOREST AND FRIENDS  is a collage of footagery and photo taken in the woods of Nicene Marks, a state park a stones throw away from my house.

Simply trying to encapsulate a mood and give life to what was on my SD card, I made this video as an ode to the forest that has been a refuge for me during days of quarantine. All of the work shown has been in the last 6 months. (March 2020 - September 2020)

The woods have been a fantastic way to maintain social interaction in a safe way, and a great means of recess to get out of
my domicile.

The accompaniment is "Neutral"
by Hakushi Hasegawa.

Please watch on "Full Screen"
for full quality/immersion.

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