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I'm Matt. (Goon)


24. Born and raised in Santa Cruz. My hobbies have bled into my craft. These hobbies (electronic music, "gloving", etc.) have all aided in the aesthetic preface that I like to embody. With said hobbies, I've gained extroverted qualities that make me infatuated with throwing myself at a client, going into the deepest parts of what they have in mind for a project, and figuring out how I can make their loves emerge in the project we can create together.

(_or something like that)


8+ years in the graphic design field, working in
online, print, and product development.

Bachelor's in Design Studies (Graphic Design) from San Jose State.
Associates in Graphic Design from Cabrillo College.


Wide knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and camera-related work. 
(Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Premiere,
After-Effects, Dimension, Camera Raw etc.)

7+ Years of theatre and general public speaking. Emceeing events, hosting keynotes, creating tutorials, etc.


Nikon Z50


Email -

Tel - 831-818-6895

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